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Warren Boroson
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A Tehran child in Passaic

LocalPublished: 25 April 2008

Chanoch Eyal of Passaic recognizes himself as the boy in the lower right of the photograph above, taken in 1943.

In February, this newspaper ran photographs of some 800 Jewish orphans, called "the Children of Tehran," as they arrived in Palestine 65 years ago after a long, nightmarish journey. One photograph showed some of the youngest among them, in clothes either too large or too small, wearing uncertain smiles and holding hands.

Chanoch Eyal, who now lives in Passaic, was the small boy in the right-hand corner with a bandaged right arm, carrying a piece of fruit. (He had had an infection on his arm, and still bears a scar.)

When the train carrying the children had pulled into Atlit, where the British kept "illegal" refugees, the children were showered with candy tossed through the open windows by the joyful crowd that turned out to greet them.


Summer camp: A non-idyll

generalPublished: 01 March 2007

Why, I wondered, did our parents regularly send us to a YMCA summer camp when we were kids?

To get rid of us over the summer, of course. But, as I later learned, the camp was probably cheap. Probably much cheaper than the camp for Jewish kids across the lake, where we were occasionally rowed by a smiling and friendly Jewish counselor for services.

Across the lake, everyone seemed friendly.

Here, they weren't — because my brother and I were the only Jews among the 100 or so boys at Camp Tamaqua.

These were the World War II years, and even in America Jews were treated as inferior. At camp, Roger and I were ostracized. Well, not quite. Kids had to first find out that we were Jewish, then avoid us.


Everything you wanted to know about Jews in baseball

generalPublished: 13 July 2006
If you were asked to produce a lineup of the best Jewish players in Major League baseball history (1871-'003), whom would you choose?

Sandy Koufax would be the pitcher, of course. Harry Danning (who looked, someone has said, like a Modigliani painting) would be the catcher. Hank Greenberg at first base. Buddy Myer at second base. Lou Boudreau at shortstop. Al Rosen at third base. And the outfielders: Sid Gordon, Shawn Green, and Morris Arnovich. (I never heard of some of these players, either.)

This team was chosen by an authority on Jews in baseball, Martin Abramowitz, who is president of Jewish Major Leaguers Inc., and publisher of a deck of cards commemorating the 143 Jewish Major Leaguers from 1871 to '003.

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